NMA's Mandate

The Namibian Manufacturers Association (NMA) is an association not for gain which represents Namibian manufacturers by facilitating a sustainable, competitive and prosperous manufacturing industry for all stakeholders. Originally founded in 1994 by a group of Windhoek manufacturers to represent and promote manufacturers products, it was transformed into a Section 21 Company in 2002.

With a current membership of more than 140, we enhance member visibility by assisting members with marketing functions through the NMA Website, business delegations and by addressing direct inquiries. The associations' role extends to discussions and negotiations with Government, other sectors in the country and foreign organisations, also as part of foreign trade negotiations. The NMA continuously advocates for better working relations and dialogue between manufacturers and retailers.

NMA's Mission & Vision

The Association's mission is to represents its members by being the watchdog and mouthpiece of Namibian Manufacturers.

The vision of the NMA is to be the Voice of Namibian Manufacturing. We will be the association that all stakeholders, both local and abroad, will approach and consult as pertains all Manufacturing matters in Namibia by 2015 and beyond. The Vision of the Association is further to facilitate a sustainable, competitive & prosperous manufacturing/processing industry for the benefit of all stakeholders.