Manufacturer of the Year Award 2015

Manufacturer of the Year Award 2015

The Namibian Manufacturers Association (NMA) had the pleasure of hosting their third Manufacturer of the Year Awards Gala Dinner on 22 October 2015, at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, Windhoek.

The NMA was proud to introduce Ms Anna Shiweda, the Honourable Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry as the keynote speaker. It was an honour and privilege to listen to and learn from such an auspicious speaker whose message mainly focused on “Partnerships as a major prerequisite for the achievement of dynamic, efficient and sustainable development in the country with the focus on Agro-processing and Manufacturing”. There is no doubt that the guests at this prestigious event gained valuable knowledge in preparing themselves for the challenges and opportunities facing the sector in the on-going complex national and international trade scenarios beyond 2015.

We were also honored by the presence of Mr Pieter van der Walt, the Honourable Deputy Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development who accepted the invitation as guest speaker.

Stefan Ludik, multi-award winning actor and performing artist entertained the guests with his unique style of music. Stefan represented his native Namibia in Big Brother Africa in 2003 which launched him into the world of celebrity and marked the start of a very successful career in music and acting.

This year we received more entries than last year, which is a clear indication that the NMA members support this initiative. After preliminary judging to ensure that entries complied with the rules and regulations, the entries were judged by an independent panel of judges according to a predetermined set of criteria. The panel of judges unanimously endorsed the three winners for each category. The judging included a physical visit to some companies to verify certain information. Thereafter the marks were processed by the auditor of the NMA, Grant Thornton Neuhaus, who then verified the ultimate winners per category. We need to mention that after the calculation and verification of the final results by our auditors, the difference between the winners and runners-up in certain categories was very small, which reflects the high standard of entries received!

The NMA, satisfied that the judging process was both transparent and fair, was delighted to announce the winners in the following categories:

Category 1:
The NMA Corporate Manufacturer of the Year:
First: Etosha Fishing Corporation (Pty) Ltd
Second: Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd
Third: Plastic Packaging (Pty) Ltd

Category 2:
The NMA SME Manufacturer of the Year:
First: GFG Slasto Supplies CC
Second: Black Gold Compost
Third: Onankali Mahangu

Category 3:

The NMA New Manufacturer of the Year:
First: Black Gold Compost
No Second and Third place.

Category 4:
The NMA Medium Manufacturer of the Year:
First: Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies
Second: Bossies Outdoor Products CC
Third: Machine and Tool Maintenance Engineering

Category 5:
The NMA Ambassador for Manufacturing:
First: Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd
Second: Guan’s Packaging (Pty) Ltd
Third: Etosha Fishing Corporation (Pty) Ltd

Category 6:
The NMA Most Environmentally Friendly Manufacturer:
First: Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd
Second: Etosha Fishing Corporation (Pty) Ltd and Plastic Packaging (Pty) Ltd (2 x second places)
Third: Guan’s Packaging (Pty) Ltd

The Overall Winner - judges’ choice
Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd

Media Release - 5 November 2015

The NMA believes that by honouring and recognising its members through this national annual event, it will inspire and motivate its members not only to participate in next year’s Manufacturer of the Year Awards, but also to increase the awareness of the high standard of manufacturing in Namibia and the important role which the sector plays in wealth and job creation in our country and the rest of the SADC region.

The NMA expresses its sincere gratitude towards the main sponsor of this year’s event, FNB National Bank Namibia and also wishes to thank the other sponsors who contributed to the resounding success of this awards dinner. They are, in alphabetical order: Coca-Cola, Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies, Etosha Fishing, Guans Packaging, Namib Mills, Namibia Breweries Limited, Namsov Fishing Enterprises, Ohorongo Cement, Peralin Paints.

The Association is committed to be of service to its members, advocating better working relations and dialogue between all stakeholders such as manufacturers, retailers, consumers and the government.

Mr Ronnie Varkevisser
CEOof the NMA