Manufacturer of the Year Award 2016

Manufacturer of the Year Award 2016

The Namibian Manufacturers Association (NMA) had the pleasure of hosting their fourth Manufacturer of the Year Awards Gala Dinner on 20 October 2016, at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, Windhoek. During this prestigious event top achievers in the industry who are members of the NMA were awarded.

Mr Chris van Niekerk, renowned South African businessman and board member of various companies, listed and non-listed, among others KAP Industrial Holdings Ltd, Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Ltd and Investec Equity Partner Pty Ltd was the invited Keynote speaker. His topic was “Growth opportunities for manufacturing and mining through the beneficiation of natural resources and government’s role in making it happen”. In his presentation, Mr Van Niekerk mentioned that for “Industrialisation to be successful” the following needs to be effectively aligned: Government must be the developing agent to create the right environment, Natural Resources/Geography needs to be used in an effective way, continuous technology upgrades is very important and least of all there MUST be a win-win partnerships between government and the private sector. He further mentioned that the three key “Industrialisation Constraints” is:
(1) Inadequate/poor quality infrastructure, here poor transport is a major impediment,
(2) Lack of sufficient skills base to cater for the demands of modern businesses and,
(3) proper access to finance.
He said “In the final analysis, the success of beneficiation rests as much on the quality of the administration that implements it and its will to bear the costs, as on the technical and economic characteristics of the country”. Local manufacturers and guests gained valuable knowledge in preparing themselves for the challenges and opportunities facing the sector in the on-going complex national and international trade scenarios beyond 2016.

We were also honored by the presence of the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Dr Michael Humavindu who deliver the Guest Speaker address on behalf of the Honourable Immanuel Ngatjizeko, Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development. In the address, the Deputy PS said “Namibia has agreed to become an industrialized economy by the year 2030. In order to achieve this target we must improve our delivery rates in terms of policy implementation rather significantly. The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development has also in recognition of sustainable economic sectors, by regulation, reserved certain categories of economic sectors and business activities for domestic or local investors and by so doing ensure that local businesses become part of the mainstream economy”. He also said “With the launch of the Namibian Retail Sector Charter, the Namibian government aims to transform the retail sector to one that gives preference to local manufacturers by promoting sourcing of locally produced products by retailers”.

Ann Singer, multi NAMA-award winning singer entertained the guests with her unique style of music.

An increased number of entries are a clear indication that the NMA members support this initiative. After a preliminary process ensuring that entries complied with the rules and regulations, judging took place by an independent panel of judges according to a predetermined set of criteria. The panel of judges unanimously endorsed the three winners for each category. The judging included a physical visit to some companies to verify certain information. Thereafter the marks were processed by the auditor of the NMA, Grant Thornton Neuhaus, who then verified the ultimate winners per category. The difference between the winners and runners-up in certain categories was very small, which reflects the high standard of entries received!

The NMA satisfied that due judging process was both transparent and fair, was delighted to announce the winners in the following categories:

Category 1:
The NMA NEW Manufacturer of the Year
1st Place: Unleashed Design
2nd Place: JRH Trading
No 3rd place

Category 2:
The NMA SMALL Manufacturer of the Year
1st Place: Black Gold Compost
2nd Place: GFG Slasto Supplies
3rd Place: Karakulia Weavers

Category 3:
The NMA MEDUIM Manufacturer of the Year
1st Place: Ekango Salt Refiners
2nd Place: Slowtown Coffee Roasters
3rd Place: Machine & Tool Maintenance Engineers

Category 4:
The NMA LARGE Manufacturer of the Year
1st Place: Guan’s Packaging
2nd Place: Closwa Biltong
3rd Place: Wispeco Namibia

Category 5:
The NMA CORPORATE Manufacturer of the Year
1st Place: Namibia Breweries Limited
2nd Place: Plastic Packaging
3rd Place: United Fishing Enterprises

Category 6:
The NMA BEST AMBASSADOR for Manufacturing in Namibia
1st Place: United Fishing Enterprises
2nd Place: Etosha Fishing Corporation
3rd Place: Guan’s Packaging

Category 7:
1st Place: Etosha Fishing Corporation
2nd Place: Mpact
3rd Place: Guan’s Packaging

The NMA Overall Winner: LARGE Category - judges’ choice:


The NMA Overall Winner: CORPORATE Category – judges’ choice:


Media Release - 2 November 2016

OVERAL WINNERS: Namibia Breweries Limited & Guans Packaging (Pty)Ltd
NMA MotY Overall Winner (Corporate Category): Namibia Breweries Limited
NMA MotY “Key note speaker”: Mr. Chris Van Niekerk
NMA Chairperson: Mr. Brian Black
NMA MotY Overall Winner (Large Category): Guans Packaging (Pty)Ltd
NMA MotY Silver Winners (2nd place)
NMA MotY Gold Winners
NMA MotY Bronze Winners (3rd place)

The NMA believes that by honouring and recognising its members through this national annual event, it will not only continue to inspire and motivate its members not only to participate in next year’s Manufacturer of the Year Awards, but also to increase the awareness of the high standard of manufacturing in Namibia as well as the important role which the sector plays in wealth and job creation in our country and the rest of the SADC region.

The NMA expresses its sincere gratitude towards the main sponsor of this year’s event, FNB National Bank Namibia and also wishes to thank the other sponsors who contributed to the resounding success of this awards dinner. They are, in alphabetical order: Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies, Elso Holdings, Guans Packaging, Mpact Corrugated, Namib Mills, Olthaver & List Group, Ohorongo Cement, Peralin Paints, Plastic Packaging, Pupkewitz Megabuild.

The Namibian Manufacturers Association is committed to be of service to its members, advocating better working relations and dialogue between all stakeholders such as manufacturers, retailers, consumers and the government.

Mr Ronnie Varkevisser
CEOof the NMA