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NaCC to study retail, automotive, manufacturing sectors

THE Namibian Competition Commission (NaCC) says it plans to carry out research into the retail, automotive, franchising and manufacturing sectors to understand how these sectors operate. Mihe Gaomab, the CEO and secretary of the...[more]


1 April D-dag vir opleidingsheffing

Gee én neem. In ‘n neutedop is dit die regering se finale besluit oor die opleidingsheffing, wat op 1 April vanjaar in werking tree en waarvoor werkgewers gister moes begin registreer het.Die Namibiese Werkgewersfederasie (NEF),...[more]


Historiese mylpaal in private kragvoorsiening

Die nasionale kragvoorsiener NamPower sal vanaf einde 2014 4,5 MW se sonkrag tot sy netwerk kan voeg ná hy verlede maand 'n kragaanskaffing­ooreenkoms (PPA) met die Franse maatskappy InnoSun Energy Holdings onderteken...[more]


More needs to be done to boost local manufacturing

WINDHOEK – While Namibian products are making inroads on the shelves of local retailers, the growth and share contribution of the manufacturing sector has remained low over the years, and the contribution of manufacturing in real...[more]


SMEs create four times more jobs than corporates

THE Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs sector create four times more jobs annually than corporates. This is despite the fact that incomes from SME jobs are relatively low compared to those of corporates. These statistics were...[more]


Manufacturer requested for self-assessment

Calle Schlettwein: State wants to "provide business-friendly climate" and to establish partnerships Windhoek (hf) • Minister Calle Schlettwein has the Namibian Manufacturers Association NMA (Namibia Manufacturers...[more]


NMA back in the loop

Following a year characterised by an invigorated media presence as well as a number of formalised relationships forged with government and private partners, the Namibian Manufacturing Association (NMA) yesterday took stock of its...[more]

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