The NMA Board

The NMA Board is responsible for the governance and strategic aspects of the organisation. Meetings are held twice during the year. Board directives are carried out by a Management Committee. Please find below the list of Elected Board Members for the period of 2017/2018.
Mr Brian Black (Chairperson) Tel: 0811226101 email: bblack54(at)icloud.com
Mrs Leonie Prinsloo
(Vice Chairperson)
Tel: 061-299 4700 email: Leonie.Prinsloo(at)ol.na
Mr Koos Ferreira Tel: 0811295241 email: koosferreira(at)namibmills.com.na
Mrs Angelika San Tel: 061-227050 email: peralinp(at)iway.na
Mr David Namalenga Tel: 061-260717 email:david.namalenga(at)dinapama.com
Mrs Sandra Mwiihangele Tel: 081 574 5724 email: sandra(at)kiyomisandz.com
Mr Hugo Horn Tel: 061-2995000 email: hugo(at)ppnam.com
Mr Ronnie Varkevisser (CEO) Tel: 061-308053 email: ronniev(at)nmanamibia.com
Mrs Diana van Schalkwyk  Tel: 0811273020 email: foodsafetynam(at)gmail.com